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Das Haus Anubis wiki is for the German series Das Haus Anubis. 43 articles since February 1st 2013.


Das Haus Anubis

The show focuses on eight students living at a boarding school "Anubis House" of which Nina is the new occupant. On the day of her arrival the surly caretaker Victor shows her room. What she dosen't know that her room once belonged to Linn the best friend of Luzy. Linn has disappeared without a trace. Nina's first encounter with Luzy is not exactly cordial. Luzy who is very concerened for Linn would rather throw the scared Nina straigth out.  But this is not the only secret in the school. The walls of the house in which the eight students live together seem to hide another secret. A fellow student disappears, the caretaker seems on his guard and the teachers begin acting stragely when talking about the house. A little anxious but driven by curiosity the students set out to dicover the secrets of their home.

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